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Winter in New York can seem endless. Frankly, that’s fine with me. I hate the summer—it’s hot, it smells and the streets are crowded. In winter, it’s cold, empty of crowds (except the holiday shoppers) and familiar. Were it my choice, the city would be locked in an endless winter. Endless winters were the specialty of C.S. Lewis’ White Witch from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. In her bid for control of Narnia, the parallel world beyond the doors of an enchanted wardrobe, she kept it a constant state of frostiness. The book, which everybody should read and re-read, is the story for the battle of Narnia’s freedom from winter. 
1. Have Some More Turkish Delight
Cape by Valentino, fur by Lanvin, dress by Elie Saab, shoes by Carven
2. 2 Sons of Adam? 2 Daugthers of Eve?
Dress by Alexander McQueen, fur by Marni, shoes by Meadham Kirchoff
3. I Said, Brrrr it’s Cold in Here
Cape by Valentino, dress and shoes by Acne
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